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Solotica Yearly Toric Contact Lenses

Solotica Yearly Toric Contact Lenses

Customers Worldwide who have Astigmatism can finally order a custom made Solotica Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio or Natural Yearly contact lens that fits their requirements


As this toric colored contact lens is custom made to order by Solotica, it will require a production time of around 8 weeks until we can deliver your lenses to you.

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New Solotica Aquarella Daily Contact Lenses

Solotica Aquarella are daily disposable colored contacts available in five gorgeous shades – Solotica Aquarella Golden Ochre, Solotica Aquarella Cyan Blue, Solotica Aquarella Sea Green, Solotica Aquarella Sienna Brown, and Solotica Aquarella Sepia Gray.


These beauty contact lenses are made of 58% water with hioxifilcon A, guaranteed to deliver long lasting comfort throughout wear.


Each packet of Solotica Aquarella comes in 10 single lenses or 5 pairs in total.

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New Solotica Aquarella Daily Contact Lenses

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The shades of Hidrocor Monthly contact lenses will be inspired by the yearly Hidrocor lenses but will differ in opacity and brightness.


The available colours are Quartzo, Ocre, Cristal, Topazio & Ambar.


We stock these contact lenses in prescription too!! Click the “View products” button to see the prescription powers available.

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