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Solotica Natural Ambar (Yearly)

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If you are looking for a new and fashionable look, ​colored contact lenses are an amazing option! A ​good-looking eye​ can show a lot more about your style, ​enhancing the natural colors of your eyes​.

Whether it is a ​ brown contact lens​ or ​ blue contact lens​, Solotica Natural Colors has designed the best soft contact lenses available for a ​ breathable and healthy looking eyes with ​ no prescription required​.

The ​ Solotica Natural Colors colored contact lenses ​ are ​ disposable contact lenses ​ with 1 year durability after opened. To maintain the ​ contact lens durability​ it is very important to follow the ​lens care instructions ​ provided by your eye doctor, always cleaning it with a high quality solution for a comfortable experience.

The ​ colored contact lenses of ​ Solotica were designed to provide the maximum comfort and quality as they are an unique type of colored lenses. You can ​ order the contact lenses online without prescription​ , but it is important to consult an eye doctor to make sure you will not have problems wearing them.


Suitable for cosmetic use and for myopia or hypermetropia.


Durability of 1 year after open.

Material: 62% Polymacon; 
Hydration: 38%; 
Diameter: 14.2 mm; 
Base curve: 8.7; 
Packing: 1 pair; 
Manufacturer: Solótica.