How long is a contact lens prescription good for?

Contact lens prescriptions are valid for up to 2 years, meaning you can buy the contact lenses your prescription states for this duration. It is, however, advisable to have a yearly routine eye health check to make sure your eyes are not being harmed by wearing the wrong lenses. At Glam Lenses, you can buy contact lenses without a prescription, as we don’t need to see proof of your prescription. We trust you have a valid copy and know your visual requirements.

After your prescription has expired, you should go for an eye exam so your optician can discover if your vision or eye health has changed and you can receive an updated prescription. In the UK, it’s your legal right to request a copy of your own prescription after your eye exam.

Do I have to buy contact lenses from my optician?

While it’s often thought that you need to buy your contact lenses from the optician who’s tested your eyes, it isn’t actually compulsory and you can buy your contact lens from any optician or licensed online retailer.

In fact, you can buy your contact lenses cheaper online and could save up to 50% compared to high street optician’s prices when you shop at Glam Lenses.

How can I read my contact lens prescription?

With a base curve, diameter and powers, as well as cylinder and axis for toric contact lenses, there’s more than enough terms and figures on a contact lens prescription to cause some confusion. But there’s no need to worry, we’ve created a helpful guide on how to read your contact lens prescription and understand exactly which lenses you’ll need to buy.