How to look after your lenses

Why is contact lens care important?

Taking care of your lenses makes sure that your eyes are kept safe from infection or irritation. Storing the lens in solution overnight also means that the moisture level is maintained and ensures greater comfort for your eyes.

How do I clean and store my contact lenses?

1) Wash and dry your hands thoroughly to protect your eyes from the threat of infection

2) Taking one lens out at a time, place it in the palm of your hand and cover it in your recommended cleaning solution. Gently rub the lens with your finger to loosen any debris or protein that has built up over the day

3) Rinse the lens with saline solution (or do this with the solution you used for cleaning, if your product is a multi-purpose solution), making sure to remove any remaining debris

4) Fill a clean contact lens holder up with disinfecting solution (again, multi-purpose solution can be used for this stage too). Place your lens inside the holder and leave to disinfect for as long as the product packaging recommends

5) Repeat steps 1-4 with the other lens

Which types of solutions are there?

Multi-purpose solution – this product carries out the tasks of cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing your contact lenses. While most multi-purpose solutions offer a ‘no-rub’ lens cleaning routine, gently rubbing the lenses can ensure a more thorough clean. Shop a leading range of multi-purpose solutions at Glam Lenses, including ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution, Opti-Free PureMoist, Opti-Free RepleniSH , Complete RevitaLens and comfi All-in-One Solution.

Saline solution – this pH-balanced saltwater solution is for rinsing and storing lenses, when using a heat or UV disinfection system. The product is also compatible for use with enzymatic cleaning tablets. It is important to note that saline solutions are not suitable for cleaning or disinfecting contact lenses. Our best sellers include Lens Plus Solution and Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution.

Hydrogen peroxide solution – the hydrogen peroxide in the solution effectively disinfects contact lenses, however needs to be neutralised after to ensure no harmful remains are left on the lens. Some contact lens holders feature a built-in neutraliser to turn the solution into water. However, other hydrogen peroxide solutions require a two-step process, where you’ll need to add a neutralising tablet to the holder after disinfection. Popular hydrogen peroxide choices include AOsept Plus HydraGlyde, EasySept and Oxysept 1 Step.

Useful tips for contact lens care

  • When applying and removing your lenses, make sure your hands are clean and dry
  • Never use water to clean your lenses, only use cleaning solution
  • Never top up old solution. Each stage of the cleaning process requires fresh solution
  • Use solution to rinse your contact lens case after every use
  • Make sure to replace your contact lens case every 3 months