How to stop itchy eyes from hay fever - for good

How to stop itchy eyes from hay fever - for good

The spring weather brings warmer temperatures, sunnier days, cherry blossom floral blooms and greener pastures. For many people though, it also means the start of dreaded hay fever season and when the pollen count is high. Get rid of itchy watery eyes during hay fever season and enjoy the sun and fun. Here are our 5 suggestions for avoiding discomfort and irritation during this time.

How do you get rid of itchy eyes from hay fever?

Try an anti-allergy mask
An anti-allergy eye mask is a great end-of-the-day treat for your eyes to soothe itchy eyes from hay fever and help you to sleep throughout the night. The Eye Doctor Allergy eye compress helps to relieve the common symptoms of allergies and hay fever such as itchy eyes, headaches, puffiness and redness. Simply leave the eye mask in the fridge (or freezer for faster effect) for an hour or two and place the mask inside its cover. Place in cold water and squeeze the excess water and place over your eyes for 10-20 minutes. The handy mask is reusable and will last you many uses.

How do you soothe itchy eyes?

Use eye wipes throughout the day
While avoiding areas with grass and heavy vegetation is a good idea, when the sunshine calls, it can be difficult and generally not realistic for most people. Even the worst hay fever sufferers want to enjoy the sun and fun, although if your symptoms persist it is mostly recommended you stay indoors. Eye wipes are a great way of removing pollen and other particles from the air that have built up around your eyes and on your eyelashes throughout the day. The Eye Doctor Eye Lid Wipes are the perfect pick-me-up for your eyes and will fit comfortably in your bag purse or pocket. Preservative-free, they are gentle on even the most sensitive or eyes, particularly great for hay fever sufferers whose eyes get itchy and sore. It can also be helpful to give yourself an eyewash at the end of the day or carry around an eye wash kit and give your eyes a rinse throughout the day as well.

How do I stop rubbing my eyes?

Wear sunglasses
Sunglasses help create a barrier between your eyes and the pollen in the air, particularly when its windy and the air is moving. Wearing wraparound sunglasses will better enclose your eyes and stretch back past your temples, helping to stop pollen. Wraparound sunglasses are also great for those who like to stay active and need a secure pair of frames when working out. Sunglasses are also highly important as the sun begins to make a more regular appearance as they protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. You can browse our incredible range of designer sunglasses for men and women’s here. You should also check the pollen forecast daily to get an idea of how high the pollen count will be.

What's best for hay fever eyes?

Wear daily contact lenses
If you usually wear contact lenses, you may want to switch to prescription glasses if you suffer particularly badly from hay fever during high pollen season. Build up and deposits to dirt, debris and pollen on your contact lenses may contribute to itchy eyes during hay fever season. If you would prefer to stick to contact lenses, it is usually recommended that you wear daily contact lenses. Wearing a fresh new pair of lenses each day will offer more relief to your eyes than wearing a monthly lens that must be washed each day. A silicone hydrogel lens such as comfi Pure 1 Day contact lenses will also ensure more moisture and oxygen is able to move through the lens. Additionally, you can ask your GP or pharmacist about antihistamine and anti-inflammatory products such as specialised eye drops to help reduce the symptoms of hay fever and soothe itchy eyes.

We hope our useful tips will help you get rid of itchy eyes from hay fever for good and you can enjoy the Spring and Summer months. Never suffer from itchy, sore and irritated eyes again.