AOsept Plus With HydraGlyde Twin Pack (2 X 360ml)

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Due to the impact of the AOSEPT® PLUS HydraGlyde® triple cleaning effect, this solution delivers powerful cleaning, disinfection and neutralization effect.

The AoSept® Plus manufactured by Alcon has a powerful cleansing and wetting effect, thanks to the HydraGlyde® Moisturizing Matrix. This unique technology creates a wetting cocoon that surrounds the contact lens, thus ensuring the long-term moisture throughout the day.

Thanks to this technology, Hydraglyde® is particularly comfortable, its hydrophilic environment ensures the reduction of friction and aids wetting.

The lens case contains a neutralizing disk and little bubbles appear when the AOSEPT® HydraGlyde® PLUS solution is active. The combination of Triple Impact Cleaning with the HydraGlyde® Wetting Matrix provides irritant free comfort and clean all-day contact lenses.


How Do I Use AOsept Plus HydraGlyde

The lens case provided contains a neutralising disk, ensuring zero irritation is caused by your lenses after storage. This is especially beneficial for those with more sensitive eyes. The deep acting formula of AOsept Plus HydraGlyde will ensure that build-ups of protein, dirt and debris are thoroughly cleared, allowing you to enjoy total visual clarity throughout the day and the entire wearing cycle of the lens.

One of the finest solutions by Alcon & Ciba Vision, AOsept Plus HydraGlyde twin pack is also available, offering additional value and convenience. Stock up on your AOsept Plus HydraGlyde hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution


Product Details & Advice
  • Neutralises and removes proteins 
  • Long-lasting moisture and extra hydration 
  • Eyes are protected irritants and other unhealthy deposits 
  • Peroxide disinfecting and cleaning solution
  • All day comfort due to the triple action cleaning 
  • Preservative-free and compatible with silicone hydrogel lenses 

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