Cooper Vision Cadence Comfort Multi-Purpose Lens Solution (3 X 250ml)



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Benefits Of Cadence Comfort Multi-Purpose Solution 

  • Enhances contact lens comfort
  • Highly effective deep cleaning
  • Suitable for all lens types
  • Removes build-up of proteins and other deposits 

More About Cadence Comfort (Comfort Vue) Multi-Purpose Solution

Cadence Comfort Multi-Purpose solution, formerly Sauflon, is the perfect all-in-one solution for effective and deep cleaning of your lenses. This solution contains ‘Sterisoft’, a unique combination of ingredients which seek to provide an enhanced contact lens experience in terms of comfort by keeping your lenses lubricated for longer wearing times.

Cadence Comfort Multi-Purpose solution also has outstanding microbial activity which ensures a deep cleans with every use – disinfecting and removing build-up of irritating deposits, proteins and bacteria.

This solution is perfect for helping to prevent lenses drying out at the end of the day, so for lens wearers with dry eyes, you are in the right place.

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