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Opti-Free Express Product Description

Opti-Free Express is a convenient multi-purpose solution that does the job of multiple cleaners and solutions, eliminating the need for you to purchase multiple products to care for your contact lenses, saving you both time and money. The dual disinfection system makes sure that no lipids or proteins are left after cleaning, without you even having to rub the lenses.


How does Opti-Free Express clean lenses?

Perfectly compatible with all soft contact lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses, Opti-Free Express is a mild yet effective solution that works to deeply hydrate and add moisture to your lenses, whilst also cleaning, disinfecting and carefully storing them overnight, ready for rinsing and wearing the next morning.


Benefits Of Opti-Free Express

Unique TearGlyde technology, developed by its manufacturers Alcon & Ciba Vision, allows the solution to create a layer of moisture on the lens that stands the test of time each day. This means that you’ll enjoy an exceptional comfort from the moment you put your lenses in until you take them out each night.


Which Lenses Does Opti-Free Express Clean?

Whether you wear monthlies or weekly contact lenses, your lenses will stay in perfect condition throughout their entire wearing cycle. We also stock Opti-Free Express twin pack, offering even better value on a product you’ll already find at the best UK price when you shop at visiongeek.co.uk .


Multi-purpose disinfecting solution.

No separate enzyme cleaner required.

Opti-free Express Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution keeps your lenses clean and comfortable. It is all you need for daily care for any soft contact lenses.


• Fungicidal.
• Bactericidal.
• Kills Acanthamoeba.
• Comfort that lasts all day
• Cleans, Rinses, disinfects, Rewets & Stores.
• Removes protein daily for all soft contact lenses including silicone Hydrogels

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