ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack (3 X 240ml)



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ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack Product Description

Save more and buy in bulk with our ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack. ReNu contact lens solution is formulated to clean and maintain all soft contact lenses and can be used with both monthly and two weekly lenses. This multi-purpose contact lens solution is both cost-effective and convenient, as it offers you the ability to disinfect and store your contact lenses with one simple product, as opposed to buying multiple products at once.



How does ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack clean your lenses?

ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack is cleverly formulated to offer an exceptional clean, clearing all residue, dirt and build-up from your contact lenses. You can maintain total visual clarity and comfort throughout the day whilst wearing your contact lenses, as this solution adds a long-lasting layer of moisture to your contact lenses. This ensures your eyes feel fresh and hydrated throughout the day – a helpful feature if you work in an office or air-conditioned environment.


Benefits Of ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack

The ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack removes protein, dirt and bacteria, whilst ensuring to keep you lenses conditioned helping to avoid dry eye and irritation during wear. The multipurpose formula of ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack removes the need for multiple products and is a convenient triple pack supply.


How Long Does ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack Last?

ReNu Multi-Plus Solution Triple Pack essentially offers a three-month supply of contact lens solution and contact lens cases, depending on how much and how often you use them. Alternatively, you can buy ReNu Contact Lens Solution as a single bottle. This is just one of many incredible products by Bausch & Lomb.

Product Details & Advice
  • Multi-purpose contact lens solution
  • Removes protein, dirt and bacteria
  • Cleans and disinfects lenses
  • Conditions lenses for added comfort
  • All-in-one product, removing the need for separate products
  • Triple pack supply
  • 3 X 240ml

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